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What’s terrestrial digital television tdt?
Tdt is a new way of transmisión of terrestrial television channels.

   This new system enables you to enjoy a perfect image, with no interferences and high fidelity sound.

Do I have to change my television in order to get the tdt tuned?
  Nowadays, all televisions can be adapted to the new signal by using an external adaptor, also known as receptor.
This tdt receptor is available on the market, there are of various brands and of different types, and its installation is as simple as that of a video or DVD.
Do I have to change the antenna in the house or building where I live?
   If you live in a single-family home where there is an individual external antenna, it is possible that the antenna may receive all tdt channels (there have been cases). It is anyway advisable to change the antenna for a digital one, specially the DAT (Terrestrial Digital Antenna) which has been designed for the reception of these new services.
   If you live in a Community, you should ask whether your installation can receive the tdt, and you should also learn whether you legally have the right to demand its incorporation.

How much will I have to pay to enjoy the tdt channels?
   Almost all channels will be free of charge. The tdt implies an important advance in image quality.

Which are tdt advantages?
  • Normal problems such as double images and visual links produced by various interferences will disappear with this new television.
  • Still in cases in which a minimum of signal is needed, in areas where the television signal is weakly received, images are seen as they are in higher covering areas.
  • Image resolution and sound quality are the same as those in a DVD film.
  • Networks are sent out in panoramic format 16/9 and they can send out together with the programme planning any kind of data.
  • You will enjoy the electric programme planning EPG.
  • You will be able to tune broadcasting stations which you can select with the remote control, also in digital broadcasting.

With no compromise, solicite your budget for your system installation.

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